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GOP Senate candidate sounds the alarm about Biden’s cognitive issues after Hur report: ‘Scary for us’

by John Jefferson
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Ohio Republican State Sen. Matt Dolan, who is currently running for a Senate seat in Ohio, told Fox News Digital this past week that Ohio voters are concerned about President Biden’s ability to serve in light of a Special Counsel report that questioned his memory.

I’m very concerned. I mean, I don’t know that President Biden is capable of being president of the United States,” Dolan told Fox News Digital after Special Counsel Hur’s report cast serious doubt on Biden’s cognitive abilities.

“That is a huge concern for us. Now obviously I’m running in a Republican primary. I’m talking to a lot of Republicans, so it’s just a matter of course it’s scary for us,” Dolan said. “That was a very telling report about who’s running the show in Washington and that should make us scared.”

“We don’t want a president who we don’t know who’s truly making the decisions in the White House,” he continued.


Hur’s report referred to Biden as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” and outlined several examples of Biden failing to remember the timeline of major events. The Biden administration pushed back on the report and defended Biden’s mental sharpness.

Still, Republicans have argued that the report shows the 81-year-old president is not fit to serve another term.


President Joe Biden

Dolan is currently locked in a tight GOP primary against two other Republican opponents to determine who will challenge Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in November and the state senator told Fox News Digital that he is confident he is the candidate who can make the case that Brown is “out of touch” with Ohio voters.

I think people are very frustrated that they have a government that is not working to do what’s best for the individual, for the businesses, and for the individual to thrive,” Dolan told Fox News Digital. 

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio

“Instead, they see Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden trying to expand the size of government and saying, don’t worry, government will solve these problems and people are sick of it and they don’t feel secure. We got to change.”

The Ohio Senate primary will be held on March 19. 

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