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Demonstrators at SCOTUS React to the Immunity Ruling

by John Jefferson
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After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Donald Trump in the case pertaining to presidential immunity Monday, demonstrators gathered outside of the Supreme Court building to make their voices heard, both for and against the decision. 

The bulk of the protesters objected to the ruling in favor of immunity in Trump v. United States, largely on the grounds that it would delay the case. One of the protesters, Gary Rush, told The American Conservative that he felt that the Supreme Court has “twisted the scales of justice absurdly far toward Donald Trump,” as when the justices “were asked to take up this case last December, they passed on it,” but then took it up from an Appeals court, but then “didn’t have a hearing for another couple of months.” 

Nadine Seiler, another demonstrator, waved a “Coup Plotters to Prison” banner as she discussed her thoughts on the case. She told TAC that the Supreme Court “slow-walked” the case from “February to June.” Seiler ascribed this timeline for the case as being due to the potential political preferences of the Justices, “so that the American people do not have the opportunity to be fully informed on the criminality of the person that they [the Conservative justices] want to be president.”

Seiler also commented that in November she will not be voting in support of Biden, but against Trump, invoking his convictions in a New York nondisclosure agreement case: “I’m voting for the person from Weekend at Bernie’s, because there’s no way that I’m going to stand here and allow somebody with 34 felonies.”

Many of the protesters on the left expressed concern with the perceived conservative shift of the Supreme Court. For instance, Rush commented that he felt that both Justices Thomas and Alito should have recused themselves, owing to the participation of Gini Thomas in various Stop the Steal protests and Martha-Ann Alito’s hanging of supposedly controversial flags. 

“It’s pretty obvious because they were being part of the tilting of justice,” Rush said.

Seiler said, “The six conservative Supreme Court justices are an arm of the GOP and the RNC.”

One left-wing spectator, Ross Clemens, was much more negative about the result of the Immunity case than others. “We saw the end of democracy today,” Clemens told TAC. He said that he hopes “that King Biden takes care of business,” as, in his view, if the president is immune in official acts, then “he can go imprison those six idiots on the Supreme Court.” Clemens added that he thinks Biden “should arrest the idiot conservatives” on the court and can “get them all sent down to Gitmo,” as he is “absolutely immune.”

Also present were conservative demonstrators in favor of the ruling. One of the conservatives, One of the protesters, Michael O’Neil, the author of a memoir about his refusal as a civilian employee of the Army to take the vaccine, told TAC that he was there to support Trump. O’Neil had gone from the steps of the Capitol to those of the Supreme Court when he had heard about the ruling. He said that the various prosecutions against Trump were politically motivated. He pointed to the timing of the cases and how members of Joe Biden’s DOJ went to work on the Alvin Bragg case in New York, leaving behind higher-paying jobs in order to prosecute Trump.

Shri Thakur, a Summer Fellow at American Compass, commented that the ruling “makes sense on the merits” in “distinguishing between an official act and a private act.” 

“It’s not too sweeping in either direction,” he said.

Thakur observed that the decision “derails the case against Trump” and prevents it from going to trial before the election. He finished by stating that he is “very pleased with the decision” as it “builds off a very good week” for conservatives, also referencing the Trump–Biden debate and the gains made by French conservatives.

Despite the demonstrators’ differences of opinion, the day passed without altercation.

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