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The US hasn’t seen a threat like this since WWII, Jack Keane warns

by John Jefferson
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Retired four-star Army Gen. Jack Keane explained on “America’s Newsroom” that the growing alliance between Russia, China, North Korea and Iran is becoming more dangerous for the United States. The Fox News senior strategic analyst said the country has not seen a threat this serious since World War II and the Biden administration is not effectively communicating it to the American people.

GEN. JACK KEANE: Four days after the State of the Union, our intelligence chiefs came before a scheduled meeting with the Congress. And they said these four countries represent a threat to the United States we haven’t seen in multiple decades. And looking at this, what we’re really facing is collaboration and cooperation among four distinct allies. China is a near peer competitor. Russia is a chronic threat. Iran seeks domination of the Middle East, and North Korea has a nuclear arsenal with ballistic missiles that can reach the United States. This is serious. We believe, at [The Institute for the Study of War], that we haven’t seen a threat like this since World War II. Why? Because we could get involved in more than one war in multiple theaters. That is really the issue that we’re facing. 

And here’s the problem, the intelligence chiefs said this is very serious. We haven’t seen it in decades. We’re saying we haven’t really seen anything like this since World War II. Where is the administration having a frank conversation with the American people about the seriousness of this threat and how it would impact American security? It is not happening, and that is pretty outrageous and shameful. 

Split of Iran, Russia, China and North Koreas leaders


Keane’s warning comes as Russia has entered into a defensive pact with North Korea that obligates both nations to defend each other from military adversaries “without delay.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un signed the landmark agreement on Wednesday in a move that has alarmed Western powers.

“If one of the two sides is placed under war situations due to an armed invasion from an individual country or several nations, the other side provides military and other assistance without delay by mobilizing all means in its possession,” the agreement states.

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