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Iranian-American lawyer whose response to anti-Israel protesters went viral predicts new ‘world war’

by John Jefferson
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As anti-Israel protests take over public spaces from the Golden Gate Bridge to Columbia University, one attorney went viral for her admonishment of such “clueless defenders” of the Palestinians’ top benefactor, the hardline theocrats in Tehran.

Elica Le Bon, who self-describes herself as a “daughter of Iran,” asked protesters where their voices were when the regime of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was “lynching Iranian men from cranes for protesting” and punishing women who object to Iran’s subjugation of their gender.

“If you’d listened to us for the past two years, much less the past 45 years, you’d know that Iranians don’t want war with Israel. We want peace with Israel,” she said in one social media video.

“It’s you that wants war with Israel. It’s your hatred for Israel and your hatred for Jews that’s pulling us into a war that we didn’t ask for. Have we not suffered enough for the past 45 years that we now have to be used as pawns for your fantasies about war with Israel?” Le Bon continued, referring to the general timeframe since the 1979 ouster of pro-western Reza Shah Pahlavi by revolutionaries.


Le Bon agreed with Fox News host Sean Hannity that by President Biden failing to enforce Trump-era sanctions on the Raisi regime in Tehran, the oil-rich country has again become wealthy, as austerity in the country only a few years ago caused by former President Trump’s tightening of such restrictions led to protests in the streets.

“After the maximum-pressure campaign, the oil exports in Iran have reached the highest that they’ve been in the past five years. That seriously weakened the Iranian people’s revolution since the massive Jina Amini revolution kicked off,” Le Bon said Wednesday.

“It has empowered the mullahs — yeah, absolutely.”

Anti-Israel protesters occupy the Columbia University  lawn

Le Bon added she and other Iranians have wanted peace with Israel while their dictatorial ruling government wants war with the Jewish state.

“It was this failure of the Biden administration and the Obama administration before him, continuously empowering the mullahs, getting into this [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] deal, engaging in diplomatic relations on unfreezing $150 billion — billions and billions more in these hostage deals that we repeatedly warned them would result in more regional and domestic terrorism that have brought us to this moment… ” Le Bon said.

“None of us know how to get out of this at this point. You know, I don’t want to see war against my country and my people, and to put my people’s lives at risk, and this is exactly what I was talking about.”


While Hannity argued Israel has a moral duty to respond to Iranian missile attacks, Le Bon lamented her own prediction that the conflict will continue to grow tenuous until it explodes into World War III.

“I feel that the tensions are going to keep escalating, and I think this is going to turn into a world war,” she said.

In response to her comments, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) veteran Aaron Cohen said in Le Bon’s native Farsi, “Israel stands with the people of Iran.” 

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