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America First means helping Ukraine. It never meant America Alone

by John Jefferson
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During the Biden administration’s tenure, multiple conflagrations have pushed the world to its most unstable point since the end of the Cold War. Conflicts from Ukraine to Gaza have been instigated by regimes and terrorists who reject the foundational premises of the Western world: freedom, fair trade, religious liberty and respect for the sovereignty of other nations. Our adversaries reject these premises. They seek to displace America and reorder the world in ways that will be advantageous to them.  

Unfortunately, in response, Washington seems to have produced two equally terrible strategies: One, blindly follow President Joe Biden’s policies that have allowed this chaos to reign, or two, give in to the forces of evil seeking to destroy our republic and retreat within our borders, shutting our eyes to the dangerous world around us.  

Both are wrong. There is a better solution, one that brought us peace and prosperity for four years under President Donald Trump: America First. 


First, let’s be clear: America First does not mean letting Russia, China, and terrorists do whatever they want. America First means you take concrete and necessary steps – like we did successfully in the Trump administration – to secure the freedom and prosperity of every American. The success we had during our four years wasn’t an accident – it took real work and a backbone. 

Today, we are confronted with a China-Russia-Iran-North Korea axis which seeks to undermine America. In Europe, under America First policies, we kept Putin from invading Ukraine while providing the Ukrainians with weapons to fight their own battles. Under Biden’s failed policies, Russia went back on the march, crushing personal, political, and religious freedom in Ukraine at every turn. Yet without a single U.S. or NATO soldier firing a shot, Ukraine has caused Russia to suffer losses of manpower and equipment that it has not experienced since World War II.  

While some America First supporters now mistakenly believe the prudent next step is to walk away from Ukraine, those of us who stood side-by-side with President Donald Trump for four years know that to truly put America First, we need to demand that our allies do more, provide Ukraine with the equipment it needs to actually win the fight, and raise the potential costs for Russia such that a negotiated end to the conflict is possible – all while ensuring accountability from the Ukrainians at every turn.  


America First never meant America alone. Whether it is Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, or our own border, Americans are safer and more prosperous when we support our friends in thwarting our common enemies. America First means rejecting failed orthodoxies that leave Americans behind, demanding our friends and allies pay their fair share, and always putting the safety and security of the American people at the front of our efforts.  

It means allocating American resources smartly and not pushing our nation’s wealth towards random armed conflicts or politically motivated causes around the world. It means that American security and interests do not end at our own borders, and only by demonstrating a serious commitment to deter aggression against our interests around the world will our enemies believe in our resolve to defend America.  

Republicans can and must do better. No more status quo. No more provision of aid that will continue the war in Ukraine, rather than end it. No more blank checks. No more infighting that allows the Biden administration to escape accountability while putting Americans at risk.  

The only beneficiaries of continued strife over issues like Ukraine are America’s enemies, and it is foolish to assume that a world dominated by such enemies will naturally order itself to America’s benefit.  

Instead, we should put America First. Not Russia. Not China. Not terrorists. In doing so, we will give President Trump what he needs to bring back American strength when he returns to the White House next January. 


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