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CPAC live: Conservatives gather for Trump-centric conference outside Washington DC

by John Jefferson
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The latest instalment of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has begun, kicking off another four-day jamboree of grandstanding speeches, culture war grievances, and MAGA electioneering.

The event will once more be headlined by Donald Trump, who will make its keynote address on Saturday before heading off to South Carolina for the state primary.

Nikki Haley will not be there but did deliver a defiant message to Republicans this week as she pledged to fight on in the battle for the GOP presidential nomination.

Meanwhile, Fox News commentator Jessica Tarlov has called the House impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden “embarrassing” after repeated witnesses appeared to weaken Republican claims that the president is corrupt.

Speaking after an appearance on Capitol Hill by the commander-in-chief’s brother, James Biden, who accused the GOP of “flat-out lying” about his family, Ms Tarlov said: “This is the path that they’ve chosen to take, and honestly I’m surprised that they have this high of a threshold for humiliation.

“Every witness they have called has decimated their argument.”

House Republicans have long insisted that the entire Biden family is corrupt but have struggled to provide any proof.


‘West is doomed’: Truss goes full Trump ahead of CPAC speech

Short-lived UK prime minister Liz Truss has delivered an apocalyptic warning that “the West is doomed” unless right-wing politicians like her are put in power to save it.

Echoing the rhetoric of Donald Trump, she told Fox News TV the “deep state” is responsible for her downfall as PM in late 2022 when her policies sparked an economic crash.

Joe Sommerlad22 February 2024 13:00


The Biden ‘bombshells’ all lead back to Trump – and Russia

It’s been over than a year since Republicans took over the House of Representatives and launched a series of investigations into President Joe Biden and his family.

And, over the course of that year, it has become increasingly apparent that the sources of whatever “dirt” Republicans claim to have can all be traced back to one man: former president Donald Trump.

Here’s more from Andrew Feinberg.

Joe Sommerlad22 February 2024 12:00


Fox News host eviscerates Republicans over ‘embarrassing’ Biden impeachment inquiry

Jessica Tarlov has called the House impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden “embarrassing” after repeated witnesses appeared to weaken the Republican Party’s arguments against the president.

Speaking during a debate between presenters and reporters following President Biden’s brother James’s appearance on Capitol Hill yesterday, Tarlov said the party was not helping itself by calling witnesses who have continued to dismiss any idea of wrongdoing on behalf of the president.

“This is the path that they’ve chosen to take, and honestly I’m surprised that they have this high of a threshold for humiliation,” she said.

“Every witness they have called has decimated their argument.”

Joe Sommerlad22 February 2024 11:00


Biden’s brother accuses House Republicans of ‘flat-out lying’ at impeachment inquiry

James Biden, the brother of President Joe Biden, said in his opening statement as he testified in the Republican impeachment inquiry on Wednesday that those who argued that he used his connection to his brother to boost his business ventures are “either mistaken, ill-informed, or flat-out lying”.

“In every business venture in which I have been involved, I have relied on my own talent, judgment, skill, and personal relationships—and never my status as Joe Biden’s brother,” he said.

Republicans have long argued that the entire Biden family is corrupt and that they have used President Biden’s political influence in their business schemes – but the GOP has struggled to substantiate their claims.

Gustaf Kilander and Andrew Feinberg filed this report.

Joe Sommerlad22 February 2024 10:30


ICYMI: FBI informant charged with lying about Biden could threaten US elections with Russian intel, DOJ warns

Alexander Smirnov – who allegedly “provided false derogatory information” about the president and his son in interviews with the FBI – told authorities that he has “extensive and extremely recent” contacts with foreign intelligence officials, according to the US Department of Justice.

A court filing from the office of special counsel David Weiss on Tuesday seeking Mr Smirnov’s pretrial detention claims that he has “contacts with multiple foreign intelligence agencies and had plans to leave the United States two days” following last week’s arrest.

After his arrest, he told law enforcement that “officials associated with Russian intelligence were involved in passing a story” about Hunter Biden, prosecutors wrote.

Alex Woodward has the story:

Oliver O’Connell22 February 2024 09:45


Coming up today: What to expect at CPAC

Once again, a throng of conservative activists, Republican elected officials and young right-wingers will descend on National Harbor just outside of Washington, DC for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

CPAC has served multiple purposes throughout the years. It often showcases new conservative talent, sets the tone for what major policies conservatives will champion in the next election and often allows potential candidates for president to test the waters. Indeed, in 2011, Donald Trump gave his first political speech at the conservative gathering. It debuted his conservative star turn and laid the groundwork for him becoming the Republican nominee for president in 2016 and winning the presidency.

This year, though, with Mr Trump being the presumptive nominee, CPAC – which runs from Wednesday to Saturday – will have a different tone and will serve as a booster for his campaign against Joe Biden in the general election.

Here’s what to expect this week at CPAC:

Eric Garcia22 February 2024 09:00


Nikki Haley claims ‘majority of Americans’ do not want Trump or Biden as president

Nikki Haley has suggested a “majority of Americans” do not want Donald Trump or Joe Biden as president. Speaking to NewsNation on Tuesday 20 February, the Republican hopeful said her campaign is giving voters “a choice”. “This is about the fact that the majority of Americans dislike both candidates, 70 per cent of Americans say they don’t want a Trump v Biden rematch,” Ms Haley said. “We are giving them a choice.” Ms Haley is trailing Mr Trump in the polls ahead of Saturday’s South Carolina primary – her home state.

Oliver O’Connell22 February 2024 08:00


Did the DOJ mistake sawdust for cocaine?

That probably wouldn’t be pleasant.

Photos that federal prosecutors claimed were evidence of Hunter Biden’s drug use didn’t actually depict cocaine — it was sawdust, his attorneys said.

In a new court filing on Tuesday, lawyers for Mr Biden called prosecutors “reckless” for the alleged error, and said the results of their discovery cannot be taken at “face value.”

“Mistaking sawdust for cocaine sounds more like a storyline from one of the 1980s Police Academy comedies than what should be expected in a high-profile prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice,” they wrote in the court filing.

The filing comes amid special counsel David Weiss’s sprawling criminal investigation into the president’s son.

Oliver O’Connell22 February 2024 07:00


Report: Biden has told campaign to highlight the ‘crazy s***’ Trump says

The president’s reelection campaign aides have reportedly become increasingly concerned that voters view the Trump years through rose-tinted glasses, CNN said, and that they need to be reminded of the reality of the situation.

Dan Gooding has the story:

Oliver O’Connell22 February 2024 06:00


What is Nikki Haley’s strategy?

On Tuesday, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley delivered an anticipated speech where she said she would not drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination ahead of the primary in her home state.

In the speech, Haley attempted to lower expectations – given that she will almost certainly be blown out in the Palmetto state.

Polling currently shows Donald Trump beating her by double digits. And it’s no secret that losing a primary in their home state typically means death to a candidate’s campaign. Just ask Senator Marco Rubio, whom Trump drubbed in Florida back in 2016.

Winning Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, like Trump has, usually signals that a candidate is guaranteed to become the Republican nominee. But Haley tried spinning that statistic and saying that the majority of voters simply did not vote.

Oliver O’Connell22 February 2024 05:00

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