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Biden tells ally he is weighing whether to withdraw from 2024 race against Trump: Live updates

by John Jefferson
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President Joe Biden addresses the nation after the US Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity

Joe Biden has reportedly told a key ally he may not be able to continue with his 2024 campaign if he cannot change the American electorate’s mind about his health and wellbeing with his next handful of public appearances, the first indication from the president that he understands the seriousness of the damage done by his disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump in Atlanta, Georgia, last week.

Biden, 81, has an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News scheduled on Friday and campaign stops in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin upcoming as he seeks to reassure voters and his party that he res the right man to the lead the country.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates wasted no time in dismissing the story, calling the claim “absolutely false” and attacking The New York Times for not giving the West Wing sufficient time to respond to its request for comment.

Trump, 78, has meanwhile claimed that the Supreme Court’s ruling that he has “absolute” immunity from criminal prosecution for “official” acts carried out during his presidency represents a “total exoneration” of his conduct, despite being twice impeached, convicted at his hush money trial and found liable for offenses in two civil cases.


Obama has privately told allies he’s concerned about Biden’s path to re-election

Former president Barack Obama has reportedly privately raised concerns about Joe Biden’s path to re-election after his shaky debate performance, a sharp deviation from his public comments.

Despite boosting his old deputy on social media, Obama has told allies behind closed doors he is worried about Democrats’ ability to defeat Trump in November and has warned Biden in recent months about the challenges ahead, according to The Washington Post.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 16:35


Trump moves ahead of Biden in new CBS post-debate poll

A new poll from CBS News shows that Trump has taken a slight lead against Biden after trailing him last month.

CBS surveyed 2,826 registered voters in the days after Thursday’s Atlanta debate, with its resulting poll concluding that 51 per cent of voters would pick Trump compared to 48 per cent backing Biden.

The numbers are a reversal from June when 50 per cent of voters said that they would pick the Democrat and 49 per cent said they would pick the Republican, which came shortly after a jury in New York found the 45th president guilty on 34 criminal charges of falsifying business records as part of a conspiracy to corruptly influence the 2016 election.

Trump led Biden 51 per cent to 48 per cent in battleground states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 16:15


Biden told ally he is weighing up his campaign’s future, New York Times reports

The NYT is reporting that Joe Biden has told “a key ally” that he may not be able to continue with his 2024 campaign if he cannot change the public’s mind about his health and wellbeing with his next few appearances, the first indication from the president that he understands the seriousness of the damage done by his debate disaster last week.

Biden has an interiew with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News scheduled on Friday and campaign stops in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin upcoming.

“He knows if he has two more events like that, we’re in a different place,” the newspaper’s source said.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates has wasted no time in rubbishing the story, commenting: “That claim is absolutely false. If The New York Times had provided us with more than seven minutes to comment, we would have told them so.”

Another Biden campaign spokesman has told The Independent simply: “It’s wrong.”

Here’s the very latest from Alex Woodward.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 15:55


Biden campaign raises more money in June than Trump despite disastrous debate

The president’s campaign raised more than Trump in June, despite his disastrous debate performance last week.

The Biden team raised $127m last month, compared to his Republican rival’s $111.8m, according to announcements from the two campaigns on Tuesday.

The president’s June fundraising haul includes $38m in the four days after the Atlanta debate, which is at least encouraging for Democrats.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 15:35


How Biden’s potential replacements have reacted to rumors they could step in

President Biden’s debate performance on Thursday sent Democrats into a tailspin of panic.

But while the party has an abundance of young talent, any ambitious politician who comes forward to say Biden should step aside immediately risks becoming a pariah.

That may be why, for the time being, only a single sitting Democrat has spoken out about replacing the president at the top of the ticket.

Eric Garcia reports on what his potential successors have been saying instead.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 15:15


‘Enough is enough’: Marianne Williamson volunteers to be Democrats’ saviour

Don’t ever change, Marianne.

“President Biden deserves our respect, and our compassion, and our gratitude,” she says in a new five-minute video statement posted to X.

“But the debate on Thursday night made it very clear that the Democrats need a new nominee on the ballot in November.”

The former self-help guru, 72, is once more throwing her hat in the ring and calling on the party to “recalibrate” and hold an open nomination at its convention in Chicago in August.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 14:55


RFK Jr confronted with allegations about barbecued dogs and sexual assault

And you thought Joe Biden was having a rough week…

He says the accusations are “garbage” but that he is not a “church boy” (?) and had a “rambunctious youth”.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 14:35


Trump-backed challenger ousts Freedom Caucus chair Bob Good in revenge for DeSantis support

The GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee has taken his revenge against the chair of the House Freedom Caucus in a primary that proves his endorsement is still a kingmaker within the Republican Party.

The race in Virginia’s 5th district was called Tuesday afternoon, with all 24 localities reporting.

Virginia’s Department of Elections declared that John McGuire, a retired Navy SEAL and state senator, won the primary with 31,209 votes compared to representative Bob Good’s 31,583, creating a margin of just 374 votes.

The results took days to come in as the race reed on a knife edge and Good, who earned Trump’s animosity by backing Florida governor Ron DeSantis in the primaries, has already said that he will ask for a recount.

Here’s more from John Bowden and Eric Garcia.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 14:15


Trump sneaker line sues over knockoffs

The company behind Trump’s line of vulgar “Never Surrender” high-top sneakers has filed a lawsuit alleging trademark and copyright infringement against a number of retailers it accuses of marketing and selling knockoff versions of the shoes online.

And one of their customers appears to be MAGA favourite Lauren Boebert!

Trump sneaker manufacturer sues over knockoffs

Company behind former president’s gold high-tops files lawsuit against online retailers selling unlicensed replicas, hoping to reclaim ‘any and all profits’ from their illicit reproduction

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 13:55


Trump on the importance of ratings: ‘You can be evil, horrible, cruel, or elegant’

Ramin Setoodeh, author of the new book Apprentice in Wonderland, is proving a real thorn in Trump’s side and yesterday emerged with fresh audio in which the Republican offers some revealing thoughts on the oxygen of publicity.

Here’s some of our previous reporting on the writer’s other revelations from the six interviews he conducted with the the former reality TV star turned aspiring dictator.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2024 13:35

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