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Adam Montgomery trial prosecutors rest case after graphic testimony of Harmony’s murder: Updates

by John Jefferson
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Officers saw missing 5-year-old in Sept 2019’: Police chief on Harmony Montgomery case

The prosecution in Adam Montgomery’s trial over the murder of his five-year-old daughter Harmony has rested their case.

Mr Montgomery’s trial is underway more than four years after Harmony was last seen alive in 2019.

Authorities failed to search for the missing child – who was known to protective services – for more than two years after she went missing.

In 2022, Mr Montgomery was charged with second-degree murder, abuse of a corpse and falsifying physical evidence.

Kayla Montgomery told police that her husband struck the Harmony several times after she had a bathroom accident.

The little girl’s res were hidden in a ceiling vent at a shelter where the family stayed after her death. Montgomery snuck the res into his workplace freezer, before disposing of them in March 2020.

Travis Beach, the friend who helped Montgomery rent a van he later used to dispose of Harmony’s res, took the stand on Friday.

“He was pacing back and forth. He said he effed up,” Mr Beach said. “I asked him what he meant and all he could say was he effed up.”

Harmony’s res have never been found.

Judge Amy Messina said that the defence may present their case tomorrow.


Adam Montgomery’s drug dealer insists he ‘wants to help find who killed Harmony’

Anthony Bodero, the friend that Kayla and Adam Montgomery visited on the day that Harmony died, took the stand last week.

Montgomery is standing trial on murder charges after conceding to two charges of abuse of a corpse and falsifying information in connection with his daughter’s December 2019 death.

During his testimony, Mr Bodero told jurors that Kayla and Adam Montgomery visited his apartment complex on 7 December 2019 — the day that authorities say Harmony was beaten to death. Mr Bodero said the Montgomerys told him their car had broken down and they had nowhere to go,

“They gave me a call, told me they had no place to go and came to where I was staying,” he told the court. “I let them upstairs. I told them, ‘I can let you stay in my car, but I can’t let you stay here because this is not my apartment.’”

The Montgomerys stayed in Mr Bodero’s car for two days. Mr Bodero said he went down to the parking lot a couple of times to check in on the Montgomerys, brought them food and waved at their two infant sons, but did not see Harmony.

Under cross-examination by the defence, Mr Bodero became agitated after attorney Caroline Smith suggested that he “didn’t want anything to do with the investigation or Harmony.”

“It’s not the way you’re making it sound, I want to help you guys,” a visibly exasperated Mr Bodero said.

“Help who?” Ms Smith went on to ask.

“The prosecution. I want to help find who killed that little girl,” Mr Bodero said.

Andrea Blanco21 February 2024 12:00


WATCH:Adam Montgomery’s estranged wife says she ‘still care about’ him after alleged abuse

Adam Montgomery’s estranged wife says she ‘still care about’ him after alleged abuse

Andrea Blanco21 February 2024 11:00


Adam Montgomery accused of buying $400 in equipment to destroy Harmony’s body

The state’s case has largely hinged on testimony by Montgomery’s estranged wife, as well as DNA evidence of the horrific ways in which he worked to crush, reduce and dispose of Harmony’s res.

On Thursday, jurors heard about a February 2020 $400 purchase of limestone, a metal-cutting diamond blade, a lithium-ion battery and a power grinder.

Andrea Blanco21 February 2024 10:00


Man on trial in killing of 5-year-old daughter said he hated her ‘right to his core,’ friend says

Rebecca es, who is in prison for a parole violation, testified that Adam Montgomery told her in the summer of 2021 that he had been trying to see his daughter, Harmony Montgomery, since 2019, when he dropped her off to be with her mother because he said she was having bathroom accidents “on purpose.”

Even though Adam Montgomery had been granted legal custody of the girl months before she vanished, es testified that he told her that Harmony’s mother wouldn’t allow him to visit her.

es, who described Montgomery at one point as her best friend, also testified about an incident that happened before he said he took Harmony to her mother. She said he told her he “backhanded” his daughter after seeing her put her hand over her younger brother’s lips and nose. In earlier testimony, Adam Montgomery’s uncle testified that he saw Harmony with a black eye at the family home in 2019 and that Adam told him he “bashed” her around the house after seeing her put her hands on her brother.

During cross-examination, es was asked about her criminal record from 2014 to 2019, which includes theft and fraud convictions. She is scheduled for a parole hearing in April, but also faces several pending charges.

Andrea Blanco21 February 2024 09:00


WATCH: Ex-police officer describes processing car which Harmony Montgomery was murdered in

Ex-police officer describes processing car which Harmony Montgomery was murdered in

Andrea Blanco21 February 2024 08:00


Adam Montgomery claimed he ‘missed’ daughter after allegedly beating her to death

Tarah Hilbert, the building manager at the Union Street apartment where Montgomery, his estranged wife Kayla Montgomery and their two infant sons lived after Harmony was killed, took the stand on Friday.

Ms Hilbert told jurors that she befriended the Montgomerys six months after they moved to the building complex in 2020, and often spent time with Kayla and the boys.

She then recounted a conversation in which Montgomery told her he had a daughter who lived with her mother in Lowell, Massachusetts.

“He said he had a daughter named Harmony and he hadn’t seen her in a couple of years because her mother had taken her,” Ms Hilbert said.

Andrea Blanco21 February 2024 07:00


Harmony Montgomery trial thrown into confusion as mystery caller dials into tip line

A mystery caller dialled into a tip line with information about the Harmony Montgomery case amid her father’s New Hampshire trial over the little girl’s alleged murder.

The developments were revealed by Adam Montgomery’s defence attorney at the end of his second week of trial in Manchester. Montgomery, who is accused of beating Harmony to death in December 2019, is facing a count of second-degree murder.

Andrea Blanco21 February 2024 05:00


Harmony Montgomery’s mother asks court to declare little girl dead amid father’s murder trial

Crystal Sorey filed the petition in late January, just days before Adam Montgomery’s second-degree murder trial kicked off in Manchester. Montgomery, 34, has conceded on two lesser charges of abuse of a corpse and falsifying information in the death of his daughter.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, Ms Sorey intends to file a wrongful death lawsuit for Harmony’s killing. A probate court has scheduled a hearing for March to hear arguments on the matter.

Andrea Blanco21 February 2024 03:00


Rampant abuse, damning DNA evidence and a ‘betrayal’ prison letter: Harmony Montgomery trial’s key revelations

Montgomery’s estranged wife and Harmony’s stepmother Kayla Montgomery later came forward with allegations that he fatally hit Harmony in the head after she soiled herself while the family was travelling in a car. Kayla and Adam Montgomery’s then-infant sons were also inside the vehicle, where the family had been living after being evicted from their home in November 2019.

What followed were two years of disturbing plots to hide Harmony’s decomposing body. Montgomery finally disposed of it at an unknown location in March 2020.

Harmony’s res have never been found.

Here are some of the key revelations that have emerged in court during the trial:

Andrea Blanco21 February 2024 01:00


Adam Montgomery said police ‘were wasting their time’ trying to find Harmony’s res

The prosecution rested its case on Tuesday in Montgomery’s ongoing trial in Manchester. Mongomery, who conceded to two lesser charges of abuse of a corpse and falsifying information earlier this month, faces one count of second-degree murder in connection with five-year-old Harmony Montgomery’s death.

According to key testimony from Montgomery’s estranged wife Kayla Montgomery, he repeatedly hit the little girl in the head on 7 December 2019 after she soiled herself. Montgomery and Kayla did not realise Harmony had stopped breathing until hours later.

Andrea Blanco20 February 2024 23:00

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